We all gotta start somewhere.

I come from Hillbilly Country…. I’m originally from Southern Indiana, I was born in a tiny little town on the Ohio River called Lawrenceburg,… you could see Kentucky and Ohio from the river right there… It really was fine, fine Hillbilly Country…. sometimes it makes me tear up just thinking about it…. you see I’m not really allowed to go back there anymore….. Alot of my family got mad when I refused to marry a cousin…. Don’t get me wrong, she was cute and all….. but my sister was prettier and I felt I could do better so I held out…

This is a true story,…. just to show you how messed up a person’s family tree can get as life meanders on it’s merry way….. My Dad dated my Aunt…..  Now, now, I know it sounds funny when you don’t know the whole story…… Well actually it sounds funny even when you know the whole story so never mind.

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