A Random Act of Public Psychosis!

I was out on the town the other day,… running around and doing errands, nothing important the usual boring stuff…. dog food, kid food, porn…..  I finally got hungry for lunch so I stopped into this little deli for my roast beef on rye, mustard no mayo please….

There was a couple there and apparently they were having some issues that couldn’t be solved without involving the rest of us who were hungry hearing it ALL….. she was wrong by the way…..  So the guy finally get’s so pissed off he stood up to and starts walking away….  This did not seem to sit well with his partner so she FLUNG THE NAPKIN HOLDER AND NAILS THE GUY IN THE SKULL!!!  He goes down like a sack and when I was leaving they had a sheet over his head on the sidewalk…..  it’s a sad story really.


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