And Winner of the Dumbest Person in America This Week is….

Did you hear about this?!?!….. Police in Baltimore recently busted some guy when his Fed Ex shipment was sent to the wrong address for delivery….  My question is who’s the dumb shit that got the mis-directed shipment of 200 POUNDS, not ounces, POUNDS of marijuana and then CALLED THE COPS!!!!!  He could have just kept it all, or at least took half off the top…. We all know that stuff compacts during shipment!!!

It was shipped, apparently, from Florida to Baltimore…. Now I’ve lived in Florida and smoked a great deal of what the region there has to offer….  I was doing RESEARCH,… the point is compared to what you find out west, that weed was probably only worth about $100 bucks!!!

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  1. He just messed up someone’s happy day.

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