Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is probably one of the largest braying ASSES ever allowed on television….  Do we really need this waste of space breathing air and eating up our public bandwidth?…. What Psychologist in his right mind really thinks it’s OK to work out your personal family issues in front of a nationally televised audience?!?!?!… I mean OTHER than the one we’re talking about who wants to make cash airing out YOUR dirty laundry in front of the rest of us and SUCKS Oprah’s DICK?!?!?…

I even hate this guys ‘catch phrases’,… “Own your pain”…. Like you’ve really got any other choice?!?!…  Can you just rent your pain and nobody told me?!?!?… Perhaps you can just lease it with the OPTION to buy?!?!… Is that OK?

Can no one who watches daytime TV in this land afford private therapy?!?!… Perhaps if we had a viable National Healthcare program in this country Dr. Phil would just fade into the ether like a particularly smelly fart!!!…  You remember it and it’s scent but no one REALLY misses it or wants it back.

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