November 2008: A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back, You Decide.

I’m both looking forward to this November’s Elections and fearing them like an abused dog when he hears his owners car in the driveway…. Comedians in general will of course miss Bush….  Someone that stupid is such a great source of material it’s kind of sad to see them go….  Of course on a personal note I’m planning on throwing a little soiree the minute Obama is inaugurated….  Nothing too big, we’re just taking out a little loan…. 70 maybe 80 thousand…. It’s been a frustrating 8 years.

Obama is of course who I’d like to see win personally…. After eight years of living under ‘The Empire’s‘ reign I’m ready to turn my back on ‘The Dark Side‘…. Yoda would be so disappointed in us all for allowing this past eight years to pass…..  not ONE REBEL UPRISING!!!…. What’s wrong with all of us?!?!?!?!

McCain is of course just a nightmare now…. Don’t get me wrong I respect the guy…. He did go through alot for our country…. I’m a Veteran myself so I really do appreciate his previous work…. But his more recent efforts, NOT SO MUCH…..  I was watching him give a speech the other day and he tried to tell a joke….  Then he laughed at his own joke and he just sounded CREEPY….  Kind of like that weird Uncle when you were a kid…  You know the one you suspected of being a pedophile whenever he laughed, but had no proof what so ever,…. That’s REALLY not the mental image we want our Chief Executive conjuring up every time he chuckles is it?!?!?!?!

Plus this guy is literally a ‘Dead Man Walking‘ right?!?!….  He makes Nancy Reagan look ATHLETIC!!!… Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the point in making the aged continue to work when their eligible for Social Security,…  Remember a vote for Obama is a vote for RETIREMENT!!!… Enjoy your golden years John, PLEASE, PLEASE go away and enjoy them!!!  If your looking for something to do I have two suggestions……  VIAGRA and YOUR WIFE!!!!!

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