Buying New Tech.

Anyone get the new iPhone?….  I love it when new tech stuff comes out…  But then I’m also a Systems Admin and Support guy by trade so…  What you think I make a LOT of money doing THIS at this stage in my career???  WRONG…. But the geek run’s deep…  I’m also an Apple stockholder so GO OUT and GET ONE!!!…  NO, I’m NOT Satan…  but I MAY be his second cousin we’re still waiting for the DNA genealogy trace to come back….

But I love how when ANY new product that’s highly anticipated comes out and there are these people waiting in lines for like 60 hours on the curb….  There are even people who do this as a JOB, PROFESSIONALLY,…  really they get PAID…. And it made me wonder how long has this been going on?!?!…  Were there guys in line on retainer for the Model T Ford???….  Or how about FIRE?!?!…  That’s one I would of queued up for….  But then I like my pterodactyl MEDIUM rare…..  I’m kind of picky bout my meat.

Speaking of new gadgets… (Segue into The Peticure)


  1. I got a kick out of that one :-)

  2. Merci, j’apprécie le compliment ! ;)

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