Cheney’s Physical.

I read Dick Cheney, now there’s someone who takes his own name literally…. AND it’s appropriate too, I gotta admit it fits him!!!…. You know he reminds me of???….  Did you ever see the OLD Batman TV show?….  He sounds JUST LIKE Burgess Meredith as THE PENGUIN!!!….  WAACCK, WAACK, YEAH I SHOT MY FRIEND IN THE FACE… WAACK…

I read DICK had his annual medical physical….   I hope his doctor had fingers as big around as one of those DISGUSTING looking red pickled sausages that you see in the truck stops…  You’ve seen those things right?!?!!….  I can’t imagine the horrid, putrid, rotting stench that must come out of that damned jar each time they open it….   People must be walking in there smelling that shit for 2 days after they sell one of those things…  I have to say right now to any store owners here tonight…  is it REALLY worth all that for that ONE RANDOM 99 CENT SALE?!?!?!

Now that I think about it I hope Cheney’s doctor forgot to wash his hand and those big sausage fingers going into his ass smell like em too….  In fact I hope that all the current highly placed Republican party members have to use that same doctor DICK, Bush, McCain,….  I wish they would just line em up and then just run down the line….  POP, POP, POP…. IS IT JUST ME?

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