A little more on the Drinky, Drink…

I honestly don’t drink too much anymore….  Occasionally, each night,…. But it honestly just doesn’t agree with my family….   My Dad once tackled a Christmas tree, just to give you a little history there….

It sounds funny till you get to pick the broken ornamental glass out of someones ASS….  But he eventually gave up the drink,…  A couple of times….  But in the end he spent his last 15 years or so sober so good for him….

I still like tackling the trees though, it’s just Tradition and I’m a Traditional guy.


  1. Zero Signal

    A number of years ago, i was having a party at my apartment. A friend of mine got wasted and pissed off at something. He went outside for some air, found and tree, and fought it. He’s like 6’3″ 250. Man, he kicked that tree’s ass!

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