I’ve never done Crack.

I’ve never done crack….  I may have known a couple people in passing who were doing it or have said they had tried it….  but we never really formed any BONDS or anything so I don’t know how their stories came out….  Maybe that’s the sign of a real Crackhead for all I know, do they keep in touch????….  I mean if they don’t want money or anything….

Maybe that’s part of the reason I think those characters Damon Wayans and other people do, of a real FUNNY crackhead, make me laugh…..  Cause that probably wouldn’t be so funny if my Dad or Mom were like that….  It’s ok to laugh at them when their FUNNY and ADDICTED, just not when their DEPRESSING addicted…  Right?


  1. Crack gets a bum rap because of all of the negative stereotypes. Sure, rich White Wall Street types couldn’t possibly end up as drooling junkies lying in a gutter because they use powder. I mean look at Barack Obama for God’s sake. He smoked the glass dick for years and is gonna be the fricken’ prez. Anyways, just like with anything else, moderation is the KEY.

  2. janed0e

    Sadly, I’ve known a few crack addicts in my time. None of them turned out too well. My friend’s roommate is currently in jail for possession of crack. But, that means we can party at the apartment so I’m not complaining.

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