Your Prostate and YOU!!!

They say one in three men will get Prostate Cancer….  I know it doesn’t bring up pleasant imagery but it’s something people need to TALK about….

I’d like to do a little ‘exercise’ here with the men in the audience, if you’ll indulge me….  Let’s all just count off to 3, come on…  You all did this in gym class….  Ok so 1, 2, 3….  Ok sir, you need to make an APPOINTMENT to see your physician RIGHT away….  Now 1, 2, 3…..  Ok sir, SAME ADVICE…  Hey EARLY DETECTION IS KEY here folks!!!

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  1. I had my check up a few months back. Not a pleasant experience mind you, but it took a lot of worry off my back. I make sure to exercise my meat-whistle regularly to keep the prostrate active.

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