Arby’s Philly Beef Toasted Sub.

I went to Arby’s the other day for lunch…..  I ended up killing everyone in the restaurant before I left….

It REALLY pisses me off when they run out of that Chibatta bread…..

I’m just saying, DON’T advertise something unless your willing to accept the consequences when you run out…..  I mean I’m sure SOMEONE there was in charge of inventory and re-ordering stock!

Well, I guarantee the NEXT guy will be WAY more fastidious is all I’m saying.

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  1. Dude,
    I’ve gotta couple bags of day-old Ciabatta Rolls you can have…
    I mean, if they’re really that important to you…
    It’s not like it’s “whole wheat” or anything…
    Sheesh, lighten up! Bullets are expensive!
    Save your money for Gray Poupon… LOL!

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