Prejudice and Me.

My mother in law is gay AND a Jewish woman, so there you go….  But she’s always been surprised I’m not prejudiced even though I grew up in the mid-west and the south….

And that got me thinking…. I’ve never even been INVITED to join the racist organizations in those areas,…  I’m KIND of insulted really….  I mean I wouldn’t join…  I don’t agree with any of their ‘Mission Statements’ you know?… There are just no ‘Jerry Maguire’s’ writing for the Neo Nazi’s is all I’m saying…  But doesn’t that seem rude(?), considering ‘southern hospitality’ and all???….

I also think it has to do with the fact that we don’t own ANY WHITE SHEETS,….  my wife gets print sheets……

My wife hate’s that joke…  she thinks print sheets are tacky…

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