The Ranger Taoist.

Now while I don’t believe in organized religion or all the trappings that entails I don’t want you think I’m not a spiritual person….  I eventually fell into reading alot about eastern philosophy and found that I enjoyed a great deal practicing Taoist principles….

The duality there is that when I was in the military I went to Ranger Schools (I only completed 3 out of 5 because I would not re-enlist, this was also in the ‘dark ages’ of the 80’s so there were 5 parts to Ranger School unlike now when they only have 3 segments) and Sniper School, basically all manner of effort was put into teaching me how to maim and destroy….

So the irony here is that while I COULD kill or break you in several places very efficiently…..  I’ll be REALLY bummed about it afterward!

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