Are Matrix jokes still funny??

I still like the original Matrix…  2 was OK but I feel they dropped the ball on 3….   I like to think that all the Schizophrenics I see are Neo and they just see all of us as code….

When my 8 year old saw it (edited) he asked me how Neo knew all the cheat codes….  Cute Yeah….  But then he got all serious and he goes “How come all the people plugged in are different colors?… Why would the machines bother Dad?”…..

My first thought was WHAT A COOL FUCKING KID!!!….  But you can’t SAY that to an 8 year old so I was just HONEST with the boy…

I said, “Son, I DON”T KNOW…  But I CAN tell you this…  When Daddy was single he TRIED to help fix that in the real world… But it turns out that Black and Hispanic chicks just ‘Aren’t that into me‘….

Being a child of divorce I never got to have these little ‘Hallmark Moments’ with my Dad….  It really is SPECIAL,…  that bond.

(ok see it wasn’t REALLY a Matrix joke but I had to use it for the set up!)

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