Network Admin’s Gone Wild

So this Network Admin for the City of San Francisco, set up a booby trap to destroy city records….  He says he’s a ‘scapegoat’ because his ‘incompetent’ supervisors are ‘envious of his abilities in computer networking‘…

I’m a computer geek by trade too and let me just tell you…..  NO ONE IS ENVIOUS OF OUR ABILITIES….  come on…  I mean I DELIBERATELY DON’T mention it in public!!….  I don’t want all the questions….  No one’s asking a Proctologist to look into their ass at parties, why me?!?!?

But I don’t talk about computer stuff unless I’m in a room full of computers and other geeks!!!  It’s like Star Trek and Porn, you JUST DON’T MENTION IT unless your AT THE CONVENTION CENTER!!!…  It’s just bad form!?!?!

I’ve NEVER SEEN a girls eyes light up when I mentioned I had broadband DSL and I don’t expect to in the future, so get over yourself out there psycho IT guys….  Your making the rest of us look bad, it was hard enough before, JUST when we finally START to get some cache….  PSYCHO IT GUY in the news!!!  Thanks A LOT!


  1. If you do find a girl who’s eyes light up when you say Broadband DSL, you may have to marry her. : )

    The other day a parking garage attendant saw me hauling IT equipment and correctly assumed my occupation. He then asked me for a recommendation for some free software to easily modify picture file sizes for uploading online. I half-wondered if he was going to stop me from leaving the garage if I didn’t answer him. At any rate, I told him to download Irfanview and then went on my merry way.

  2. Thanks Mike.

    Actually, I’m already married so my wife is familiar with my cabling!!! Sorry, that was bad… I need to learn to STOP myself…

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