Slightly used Memory Palace for sale…

I have what they call an ‘above average’ IQ….  But I tend to get distracted and annoyed easily….  It’s a problem…  when you KNOW your always right….  I know some of you know what I’m talking about…  roughly 2% if the current figures hold….

Have you ever heard of a Memory Palace?…. it’s a memory system based on rooms, you ‘build a palace’ in your head and you just put things you want to remember in the rooms of that palace…  get it….  The only problem is my Memory Palace is a fixer upper….   I keep MEANING to finishing things but then I move on to the next room….

Plus it’s always dusty with all the construction….  Let’s just not go there anymore….

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  1. My memory palace is more like a hard drive that is getting near capacity. I’m afraid if I keep adding new info I’ll have to delete something already stored to make room.

    Perhaps a good defrag might help.

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