I may have picked a bad time to start being a professional…

I may have picked a bad time to start being a professional comedian….

George Carlin and Bernie Mac both have died since I made my decision….   It would be just about my luck to pick a profession just at the time some type of plague came out that specifically targeted that group….

No, it’s not a Black day at all….


  1. The thinning of the heard allows for the rise of the the new Silver Back lemming of Haha

  2. Funny, I do have the belly of a nice silverback gorilla, sometimes the posture…. I’m starting to notice the hair creep up my back now, but I trim (trim not shave, real men don’t shave their body hair, we just groom it) quite often cause that’s just kind of gross….. Have you seen me on stage recently?!?!?!

    I THOUGHT I was losing weight and looking better with all the hiking I’ve been doing….

    I mean I can’t hardly keep up the pants I bought 6 months ago without tightening my belt to ridiculous extents now….

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