Beer Goggles…

Jessica Simpson has recently become the spokesperson for a beer company in Texas….

It just seems cruel to me….  Giving all those guys out there with beer goggles HOPE that they’ll wake up with someone that looks like her…  That is the definition of cruel, no?

I mean I know she’s not what you could call a ‘deep vessel’ philosophically…..  None the less I wouldn’t mind probing her depths elsewhere….   What, I don’t want her to talk!!

Plus I don’t have a career in music OR sports that she can jinx so I’m really kind of golden on the ‘mating’ with Jessica Simpson front….   And I gotta admit, I’d really love to just have the chance to bitch slap her Dad for interfering in my relationship….  What a freak that guy is….  Why doesn’t he just get it over and rape his poor daughters…..    The guy is more fixated on his own daughters than all the 12 to 14 year old boys out there that are using them for masturbatory fantasy material combined…..

I wonder how many posters old Joe Simpson has of his daughters on the ceiling???…  I’m just curious.

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  1. Gawd you gotta love the word “masturbatory” … funny!

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