Damn, I wanted more material for this one….

Bummer, the trial for Josef Fritzel Fritzl is going to be heard in secret…..  This really sucks because I wanted more material to add to the joke I’d already written in regards to the man I consider my favorite Austrian freak boy….   Yeah, this guy is so weird he replaced Hitler for me…..  Say what you want about Adolf but at least he showed his freak out in the open….

Now now, I realize some of you may think this is selfish but remember what they say…..   “Laughter IS the best medicine!”

Every time I read about this story it makes me wonder…..  What’s the guy and his wife’s relationship like now???….   I mean I haven’t heard if she’s a “stand by your man” type of gal yet or not….  Is she staying with him and supporting him during this trying time in his life?….   Probably not, a good woman is hard to find…..

But then again, a good woman is even harder to hold hostage indefinitely apparently,….   so maybe it’s a wash.

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