Hi, I’m David Duchovny, I’m a sex addict….

David Duchovny has gone into rehab for sex addiction….   Now I don’t know about the rest of the guys out there but if I was married to Tea Leone I’d be a sex addict too….   And I guarantee there’s no fucking way I would be going to rehab for it!!!…..   I’d be constantly telling her we needed to work on our problems in the privacy of our own home!!!….  But then I’d also want to work on ‘our problem’ in the car, on the beach, during air travel, at the mall, a couple restaurants, maybe at a ball game, down by the river, in a desert, at the long term parking garage, on a train, our friends houses, the local Moose Lodge and possibly even in my bosses office on his desk….

I know I’m in California now but I’ve also gotta mention this: I’m a brunette guy….  the soon to be Ms. Leone looks WAY better as a brunette as opposed to the ‘blond‘ she plays in film and television most times…   I truly hate the bleach blond look (personally I think it’s some type of conspiracy), it’s just stupid….  Your fucking eyebrows don’t match your fucking head!!!….  It’s kind of a dead give away ladies….  It makes the whole “I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes” debate moot….

Producers and directors out there take note, many of us in the REAL world want to see the hot and NATURAL brunette placed in more prominent rolls!!!  Tea Leone is never hotter than when she is flying her ‘true color’ like when she did ‘Bad Boys‘ (Yeah, it’s a Michael Bay film which usually means fecal matter on film, but it’s worth watching for her alone) or ‘Flying Blind‘ (red is the first choice AFTER brunette)….


  1. accidentalsexiness

    lmao, I doubt he is in rehab for having too much sex with his wife! Guess what though? I’m a brunette!

    I assumed you were a brunette, you write hot….

  2. call me naive but he just doesn’t look the type. it’s easy to spot a crack addict, an alcoholic…how does one spot a sex addict? then again, never judge a book by it’s cover, right? lol

  3. David Duchovny hawt, I’d fuck him. Also, why do people go into rehab for sex addiction therapy, I just don’t see the point, isn’t that just like supressing human nature?

    I also hate the bleach blonde look.

  4. Time for a Ms. Leone update: http://tinyurl.com/6xo9ym

    Also please note in recent photo: BRUNETTE, thank you!

    Too bad for her new project, the movie looks like it could be funny and Ricky Gervais is funny and a buddy of Louis C.K. ( http://tinyurl.com/5rnge9 ) to boot.

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