Find your center….

Don’t ‘blog angry’ folks, find and feel your ki….  I feel somewhat repentant for a recent exchange….

But then again I really don’t…  I mean Mr. Thorn’s 2nd post just started off with an inflammatory statement meant to elicit an emotional response….  Unfortunately, for him, I hold the microphone here and he caught me ‘in a mood’…  He could be a really great guy, who knows?…  The people who see him day to day and face to face, just like the rest of us…

Just for future edification, when I reply in bold as I did to this gentleman’s first posted comment, it doesn’t mean I’m angry…  I’m just distinguishing my response from your comment….

I wasn’t even annoyed at his first comment, I was just trying to lead him to another joke which already had links to the facts and ideas I was citing… But I guess when he decided to be confrontational in his first sentence of his second comment, that damned Ranger training reflex kicked in….  ‘Crush throat, recon situation later’….

I’m just not going to research and post the same links to the same facts multiple times, I have a day job…  I’m just lucky that I get to do it from home for the most part…  But I also figure you folks out there’s time is just as valuable as mine!!!!

So that’s why I link stuff that I’ve already written about previously, to give you the entire process of the particular thought I may be writing about, especially for new readers who don’t realize I have expressed a thought about the issue earlier…..

I figure if your interested enough to comment, your interested enough to make sure you have all the facts, but I’m a nut that way…

Anyway, this one probably won’t be on the ‘live feed’ for too long as it’s really just not funny…  But it’s not meant to be…  What’s really funny is it’s all over a ‘throw away’ joke, it was all about an online visual image, which can’t even be used in my stand up…


  1. A bit of throat crushing every now and then is nice and manly.

  2. Zero Signal

    Ki, chi, qi… Asian words in western language are the friggin’ worst.

    Yeah, I could have said , but I don’t think ANYONE would have understood that…. Well except for about a billion or so people…

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