Snowman hangs up his mike….

Unfortunately, all the ‘original newscasters’ will be saying this over the next few days…. “The Snowman hangs up his mike”.

Jerry Reed died.  Well, the guy made me laugh when I was a kid and saw the first ‘Smokey and the Bandit‘….

Hell all of em did… Jerry Reed, Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason….   It was  a great funny movie at the time….  Even though there wasn’t ONE prison rape joke and ALMOST no drug use…

Says the last movie Jerry Reed did was 1998’s ‘The Waterboy

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  1. More importantly there was moustaches…. lotsandlots of glorious moustaches…and without an ounce of irony to be found

    Facial hair… Been rockin the full beard (neatly trimmed of course) since the day I got my discharge from the Army…. It’s MANLY,….. In addition to being a visual reminder for the female of the species regarding one’s virility and restraint (try growing one without scratching your face sometime), it also is know the world over as a sign of intelligence…. Though in my case many have stated it’s just that I’m an unfortunate hairy bastard… But I like my version…

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