Random Numerical Ranting….

I realize, of course, that it’s just the result of coming upon a point in the system while randomly checking it at the instance of convergence in the field of data to come up with a resultant integer that some find ‘spooky’….

But I’m currently at 666 hits for the week AND month at the same time…

HAIL SATAN….  Sorry, bout that for those of you out there who feel that a number is somehow connected with a ‘Dark Lord’….  I’m not making fun of you I’m just making fun of numerology and symbolism….

Oh wait…  Never mind, I’m at 673 now….

Which brings to mind a couple ‘oldies but goodies’ now…

What is Satan’s favorite sexual position???….   669…

SO what is 671???….  It’s Satan’s favorite sexual position but with 2 fingers up your ass…

Well I said they were OLD….

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  1. Another “old” favorite sexual position…68. You do me and I’ll owe you one.

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