Entourage Season 27….

This is just for my ‘future television shows’ idea box….

What we have here is a story for a 2 to 4 show arc from Season 27 of Entourage…..


  1. Sound’s good to me!! And we are back!! Ike has left without Tina!! And he can keep going!!..LOL til l8er

    Glad your back and all is well, so do you have power or are you running on a generator??? My buddy in N.O. used up 65 gallons of fuel running his generator a week before you got hit! Hope you didn’t lose anything but a few shingles!

  2. WE have REGULAR POWER!! Hell, couldn’t even find a generator!! And we’re sitting in Gas line’s for an hour are so right now.. But, we had ALOT of tree’s down are twisted should I say, Tuesday we heard that a Tornando went above us.. WoW!! I’m glad I was wearing my depends…ROFL And YES, I do believe your friend did use 65 gal. of fuel.. But we are VERY VERY LUCKY!! All we lost were shingles and board and twisted tree’s and of course Power and Water… I REALLY hope the ppl that stayed on the Island’s are ALL OK!! We are thinking about them daily… til l8er

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