Clay Aiken Comes out of the closet…

You know, I really don’t think the closet this guy was in was too ‘deep’, maybe it was more like a cardboard ‘moving box’….  You know one of those really sturdy ones you can put a metal bar in to hang all your closet stuff when you move (they are VERY helpful), but how is this news???….

Is there anyone out there that is TRULY shocked by the news that Clay Aiken is gay?…  I mean OTHER than his mother and possibly his father, but come on man you HAD to suspect it, and maybe the former fans of Liberace….

These obtuse middle aged women fans are a phenomenon I do not understand….  These are women who will probably all vote for McCain and would consider themselves ‘conservatives’ so they are ‘religiously opposed’ to homosexuality, yet when it comes to entertainment they LOVE to see a guy who is OBVIOUSLY gay perform as long as he doesn’t ‘flaunt it’ in front of them in public by living his life as he wants…

I don’t get it, I mean I’m straight I just don’t get it…  HOW COULD ANYONE NOT HAVE KNOWN???…   I’m not opposed to homosexuality, HELL I live in San Francisco if I was I would have a SERIOUS issue!!!!….

I’m glad that I live in a city where people can be themselves and not have to worry, for the most part, about doing everything all the rest of us enjoy with our partner…  I’d think just being able to hold hands in public and give one another a quick peck on the lips has got to be a hell of a thing to enjoy when you can’t do it in most other places in the world…  No one cares here, it’s not an issue just as it shouldn’t be anywhere, who cares, it’s not like you have to sit there and watch them….  Though that can be HOT too!!!…  Sorry I couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a stupid joke….  But you get my point.

It’s just not news….


  1. Yes, just heard about it.. EVERYONE is coming out of the closet huh? til l8er

  2. You’re such a lover

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