Bringing the Faithful up to date…

My apologies to the faithful and friendly that happen upon this little spot on the interweb from time to time, I thank you and your ‘Series of Tubes’ for bringing you here as usual….  (this link is a PERFECT audio representation of what happens with Alaskan Representation in Washington, Mrs. Palin must have gone to this guy for public speaking advice)

Been a busy couple of weeks as I’ve been looking for another IT contract, then of course the wonderful tanking of the market….  It’s really interesting to watch a spouse as one’s investments ‘dwindle’ due to the current fiduciary mis-management we call the ‘Bush Administration’….  aka ‘The Work of a TRUE Dick’….  I prefer to look at it as a time for me to buy MORE of my favorite stocks at a BARGAIN RATE….  It sucks but eventually it will go back up and if you’ve got the cash to ‘put in’ now do it, in 5 to 8 years it will pay off!!!….  You have to sort of ‘breath with’ the stock market Daniel-san….

But never fear A NEW GIG IS HERE!!!….  So I got a new gig that looks to be permanent and close to the domicile so all is going well NOW….  So I get to enjoy this week till I start on the 20th with nothing to do but ENJOY and relax…. Ahhhhh, now doesn’t that feel better!

So I’ll probably be trying to do a couple of Open Mike Nights this week at the usual places listed in my “Stuff I Like” section….  If your in the Bay Area this week come on down and check it out!…

I’ll be back to regular posting and writing shortly!!


  1. Great… I’m glad you gotten your gig.. We are from Houston, Tx. when you say Bay Area? Thought’s in my head are just thhinking.. til l8er

    S.F. Bay Area, I do open mikes in the downtown area mostly right now…

  2. Hello. I just wanted to let you know my husband and I are shuting down our blogger.. I REALLY love your writing and ALL your help.. Keep up your good work.. The reason why is the grammer nazi.. We started this blogger to have fun.. But this grammer nazi is REALLY scarring me.. Keep up the good work… Not til l8er

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