Back to the Prostate…

Saw ANOTHER commercial stating that 1 in 3 men will ‘develop’ Prostate Cancer…  Of COURSE they have something to sell you to help prevent it…

This makes me think 1 in 3 men need to ‘get over it’ and either lower their ‘standards’ to find a partner or just let go (so to speak) of their sexual hang ups and start wanking off by themselves ALOT more…

It’s what I tell my wife every time she catches me….  “Honey, it’s just GOOD HEALTH”….   Plus it’s ALOT cheaper than the refills….  Now that I think about it I could handle the refills….  Sorry….

What can’t a man “exercise” his prostate and not be stared at in the train station anymore….

Though I do admit that whole “Stand behind the yellow line rule” makes ALOT more sense to me now than it did before….


  1. I approve of this prostate business you speak of.

    Prostate cancer is such an unmanly disease. It’s like the period pain of the disease world. Mildly irksome, a bit gross, but really quite ignorable.

  2. Prostate cancer is very curable, especially if caught early. That being said, I wish they could come up with a better way of checking the prostate.

    I’ve never shaken hands with a urologist.

  3. I’m 19, and I’ve never checked my prostate, so if that’s anything to go by, then my next check up will be in approximately… Never.

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