I know he was depressed but….

Sure, he was depressed cause his portfolio probably lost 30% to 50% of his value in the last 4 months (hey who’s hasn’t right?) but give me a break the guy was also still driving a Bentley…

This twit in L.A. last night led the LAPD on a 8 hour low speed chase (by the way thanks ALOT O.J., we all really appreciate your groundbreaking work in the low speed chase arena, nothing pisses me off more on my drive home than being held up by a ‘chase’ that can be outrun on a Hoveround) and then the asshole shoots himself in the car….

What a selfish ass this guy is, in my opinion, I mean he was driving a Bentley and he blows his brains out in the car totally disregarding the resale value!!!!

Plus here we are in a recession and trying to cut our dependence on foreign oil and he goes out wasting 3 hours worth of fuel when he could have honestly just ‘expanded his mind’ all over his own lawn…

Maybe I would have been a little more forgiving if he’d just compromised and used his riding mower for the low speed chase before he did the rest of us a favor…..

Kind of makes you miss the old days when a business man would just take ‘the dive’ out the window during the great depression…..  At least then he’d only have really bothered himself and possibly taken out another scumbag executive as he came to earth…

I guess just maybe dropping a few channels from the cable package was just too tough of a sacrafice for him.

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