Oh goody, ‘Octomom’ sees signs from God….

Angelina Jolie’s ego overflow, aka ‘Octomom’ (Nadya Suleman) recently said, “the octuplets were a sign from God that she should stop having children”,……

Yeah, maybe that and the fact that her uterus finally fell out when she walked out of the fucking hospital…

I mean I really feel ripped off here people…  In the Middle Ages,  those people got Joan of Ark and we get the an unemployed trollop fucking sponge on society who “just wants to have lots of kids to love” in order to make up for some deficiency in her own life….

Ain’t that sweet…..  BUY A FUCKING PUPPY!!!!   Hell go to the shelter if it’ll make you feel better about yourself but STOP  POLLUTING THE GENE POOL FOR THE REST OF US!!!!  Don’t make me call an ‘Adults Only Swim’ cause I’ll do it….  I’ll pull your stupid ass out of the pool and put you on the bench for everyone to see what a dumb ass you are and how you couldn’t handle the responsibility of actually being in WATER!!!….

I’m also wondering what this say’s about people’s so called “God” and his tremendous decline in standards as of late…  I mean other than Obama he’s not really helping out the right people… Or at the very least the right people aren’t thanking him publicly….

Other than at sporting events…   Oh and celebrity award show ceremonies…


  1. fertilization treatments should be banned… a fucking wast of limited resource on an overburdened planet

  2. I lol’d so hard when I read this.

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