Muslim beheads wife to improve image…

I’m sorry but obviously there is a severe difference in beliefs as to what is required to improve one’s image here…..

I mean true, I’m not a Muslim, but I’m pretty sure that cutting off your spouses head is not really a ‘main stream Muslim’ person’s first solution to the thought of being divorced….   Maybe to hire an arbitrator would have been a better course of action….

This guy is obviously a ‘Jerry Falwell religious school of learning’ type cause an extremist is an extremist no matter which religion your in folks….

–(just had to save the article and jot my initial reaction, more to come on this after I let it simmer a little longer)


  1. I don’t think it’s a story you should lose your head over.
    (ooh, that was bad)

  2. lol, those crazy muslims, what will they do next?


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