Don’t you hate it when you get pulled over…

with 500 POUNDS of weed??? (like Fabolous, don’t feel bad I had no idea who he was either)

I’ve gotta say though at least they didn’t try and stuff it in their droopy fucking pants and go through the airport with it,…. cause I’ve know brothers who were so low wattage they would a tried it that way….

This kind of story is why I don’t agree with the kids today smoking their ”blunts”….

You smoke too much weed that way folks….  If this guy just used a simple pipe, or bowl as the kids call it, they would have only been busted with 250 pounds of weed on that bus….


  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!


    I edited your link, good morning

  2. weed got reclassified in the UK :( it went up from class C to class B, it won’t make a difference mind you, but it’s mildly irksome.

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