Karl Malden, dead, deceased, in repose….

Karl Malden died yesterday and not one news helicopter circled his house?!?!?!?  What the hell, I guess you have to buy your way out of at least 2 child molestation cases to get any attention in L.A. anymore…

It’s sad really, if you think about it….

In the last couple of weeks we’ve lost 2 of the most interesting and evolving noses in this great land of ours…  First Michael now Karl…  What’s to become of us?!?!…  Cher’s going to have to come out of retirement…

Really, I mean one kept getting smaller and the other did nothing but continue to get bigger and just fucking mutate into this sort of diorama of some kind of ancient Greek tragedy on this guys face!!!

I’m gonna miss you Karl…


  1. Even NPR was spending an inordinate amount of time on Jackson. Nothing on Malden though. I’m going to move your blog in my feed reader from Humor to News.

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