Another genius iPhone App idea….

I have an idea for another iPhone Application that I’m going to begin developing…

It’s a video game you can play using your colonoscopy feed streaming live as the background image…  Right now the ‘working title’ is “Anal Invaders”….  But that may change after I do some market research….

I figure it will give patients with an iPhone (or 3G phone) something to do while their on the table with that video camera up their bum….


  1. Robert Williams

    A few name ideas for you: assteroids, roidal mania, rump rangers, ragin’ roids, pucker up buttercup, ripple effects, poop shoot, i: (iColon)

  2. reference my previous comment :P

  3. system guru

    I cannot believe this will work!

    Possibly not, but it IS fun to see peoples faces when I tell that joke… (btw, sorry but I removed your link, I appreciate your comments but I am not here for you to advertise via links to your site)

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