Dreams can come true, it can happen to you….

I know most people think I’m a ‘glass is half empty’ kind of guy but that’s just not true….

And while I’m not really a religious person I am beginning to believe in the ‘power of prayer’…. I’ve been praying for years for this one thing and it’s finally come true…

That fucking little Taco Bell dog has finally died… “Yo quero de Taco Bell chihuahua muerto'”….  That’s been my prayer for roughly 10 years now….  More of a mantra really….

I wasn’t really certain of my powers at first….    After I prayed the “Where’s the Beef” lady to the grave….  But now I have independent confirmation….

But that’s one of the reason’s I get really paranoid whenever someone says “I’ll pray for you”….  I mean I appreciate it and all…  Unless of course your praying for my balls to swell, turn black and pendulous then fall off….

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