Which is ‘gayer’….

A buddy of mine recently asked me which I thought was ‘gayer’…  or more gay for you English majors out there…  Aids or Twilight…

I told him Twilight is definitely gayer….

Because ANYONE can get the Aids, but ONLY the  ‘gay’s’ get Twilight….

Oh come on, no one should get offended at that joke….  We all have someone amongst our family and friends that likes the Twilight series….


  1. you are going to hell and will have pineapples shoved up your ass by hitler

  2. I didn’t think this would actually work through the medium of spoken word, congrats if it did. Also, comment before mine is amazing, for so many reasons. Also, your blog is all fancy now… Change scares me.

    sorry if I frightened and confused you… now I’m envisioning you as a frightened little bloody scarred bunny with a bottle of whiskey and a confused look… I just changed the theme, not much work for me but it looks a bit different… Actually it did work pretty well once, then another time I got some confused looks on it and then a general titter after they started to get it… I have to keep working on it, but here in S.F. most seem to get the ‘everybody knows someone who’s gay’ reference I was going for just subbing in Twilight, which I still feel is gayer than actual gay people… but I like ‘old school’ vampires like Lestat

  3. I like vampires that aren’t raging bum lords, i.e., all vampires except those contained within the works of Stephanie Meyers. But yea, the new layouts nice. I wish I could be fucked to do something with mine, but I can’t, so I won’t.

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