Another site for the rational…

Just a quick link to one of my favorite sites:  God is Imaginary...

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  1. Spotted you over at “ihatehonjii”. Have you ever noticed that people who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them?


    Well of course, that’s because they don’t believe in freedom of religion other than when it’s written down real pretty on paper… But frankly I really don’t want to hear their particular delusion either… She decided to enter the fray so game on for Honjii I say!!! And plus delusional young republicans have something that’s so ‘roman’ about them it’s a nice symmetry… I get one every once in a while when they follow me here from seeing me live but I don’t get to go out enough lately… So hey then since I have a direct line to you how bout getting me some paying comedy gigs!!! I don’t want or need to be famous just make a living locally in the Bay Area and up and down the west coast… Oh and thanks for all the trees god, they are really cool and I like the mountains too… thanks for dropping by O Lord… –Ed.

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