It’s not over till the Fat Tar Ball Floats ashore…

BP seems to think they have the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico contained and under control…  So it seems it’s all over now.

But stuff can wash ashore for years when you least expect it…   Just ask Scott Peterson

And I’m sure as soon as he can get the dick/cock/member out of his toothless bloody mouth he will agree…

I also had a thought regarding the clean up,…  If everyone going to/visiting the Gulf Coast over the next few years picked up & mailed just 1 Tar Ball to BP corporate headquarters & a network news anchor of their choice,….   the post office might smell better,…  eventually…

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  1. What a great idea. As I have no plans to visit the gulf coast anytime soon, would someone mind getting one and sending it off on my behalf? Thanks a bunch, in advance. ;)

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