Ep. 1 ‘Pilotcast’

Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast ‘Don’t Quit Your Daycast’.

Keep in mind this is an inaugural episode in every respect, so please be gentle.  Today we’ve got a little ranting about 7 billion people with just a little under 14 billion feet walking the earth.  Your probably thinking my math is off there but you are wrong.  You have forgotten about amputees and people born without appendages.  Don’t sweat it, it’s a common mistake.

Follow us on Twitter @DontQuitYourDay (the cast wouldn’t fit, you must adapt… see what I did there, yeah that’s quality humor) and @EdWallick.  You’ll be kept up to date when new episodes come from both of those.

Additionally, if the binary digits work in my favor, you can subscribe to us on iTunes.

Enjoy the show & let me know what you think.

#DreamFunny — Ed.


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