Ep. 3 ‘Caucus Schmaucus’

Welcome to 2012 & Episode 3 of Don’t Quit Your Daycast.

First let me just say this episode starts with a screw up, I recorded it today (Friday January 6th, 2012) yet I inexplicably state in my opening that it is Friday 1/1/2012.  Unless I recorded it in a parallel DC or Marvel Universe there is no way this could have happened.

After taking two weeks off I think I need to slow down a bit when I speak after listening to this, there’s no one here rushing me & I don’t do cocaine so there is just no excuse.  Sorry I rushed today and sound like Brenda VIcarro having an asthma attack.

New Episodes will be coming weekly if not sooner.  Thanks for sticking with us.



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  1. Random Guy

    Diggin’ the cast. Keep it up, man.

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