Ep. 7 ‘A Long Soak’

Hey there folks! I hope you’ve all had a great week & been able to find redemption for whatever perceived issues you feel you’ve created… If not well then to hell with it.

Episode 7 ‘A Long Soak’ is filled with the usual dark humor & general confusion as I recorded on the fly this week because I’ve been a busy little family man about the Peninsula.

This week’s show is filled with humor, sorrow, some ranting about Dr’s, Whitney Houston & whatever else popped into my head for the 20 minutes I recorded.  Also enclosed you will find #ThisWeekInMemes & #AsshatOfTheWeek.

I also give a quick shout out to an entire independent alliance (no not the rebel alliance).  Thanks for all the follows this week to my Twitter feeds (I try & followback ASAP but if I haven’t yet just send me a quick tweet in case you slipped by me) and hey have a great week will ya?




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