Ep. 8 ‘OCD or Procrastination’

Hey, guess what… I’m back! Sorry for the month long break but I’m really well rested now.

Thanks for returning. I actually had a long list of things to talk about but I really only got to talk about 1 thing, my vacation to the Grand Canyon.  And guess what?  As it involved my wife I wrangled her into recording this show with me, even though she really never gets as frustrated as me it’s fun to have her chime in on occasion.

Yet even while on vacation I found an #Asshat of the Week for your listening pleasure.  It’s actually kind of sad that I was able to find one while on vacation but hey this is America.  Land of the inbred, slack jawed & mouth breathing at an all too common pace lately.  Maybe my friends were right, perhaps I’m slowly becoming Red Foreman (aka That 70’s Show) with a full head of luxurious flowing hair…



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