Ep. 13 ‘The 2nd Honeymooners Show’

Hey, it’s Friday do you know where your favorite podcast is?

Well I’ve posted this show for you, the fine listeners of DQYD, while on a 2nd Honeymoon with my beloved wife of 20 years (seriously let’s hear it for her folks!).  I mean I’m me & even I can’t believe she’s been able to put with me on quite a few occasions.  As our older son has DS, as  you know, we actually haven’t been away alone together in 16 years so as you can imagine it’s quite a treat. Much like being married to my wife!

I’ve got a little Twitter game for you for the last few days I’m on my 2nd Honeymoon, no reason I shouldn’t be able to have fun while I’m on a romantic vacation with my wife after all. This will only be a playable game from the day this Ep. is posted (Friday May 4, 2012) until the following Sunday (it being Sunday May 6th, 2012) because, obviously, you won’t hear about it until it’s published Friday.  So listen up & play along!  You’ll need to be following me on Twitter @EdWallick of course, but I’d also advise you to follow @DontQuitYourDay too.  Who know’s the clue that actually helps you win may end up being posted there!

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