Ep. 15 ‘Twisted Toe-let Seat’

You have been good my virtual babies… no let’s not do that.  We’re not going to take this show the way of the Manson Family or Jim Jones & his happy go lucky group, even though Guyana is lovely this time of year.

But you have been nice out there in the inter-verse, rating & reviewing my show (thank you you sweet things)!  So since you’ve been nice & I had a morning filled with crap on Wednesday you get a show EARLY for a change!  How about them apples!

Also, in addition to the usual ways to get the show (RSS at our site here which your reading & iTunes where you possibly already subscribe(?)) we’ve added 2 more outlets since Ep.14.

Zune: So if you have friends that use a Windows Phone (for whatever reason, lets not judge them) you can get the show in the Zune Marketplace now just search the Comedy Podcasts! Let them know, they look bored over there in their cubicle with out my content, look at them!!! It’s sad go tell them I’ll wait…


Stitcher Radio: You can also now get our show via Stitcher Radio! They can live stream via your phone providers data stream so you can listen to the show like live radio! Say you’re away from home, I know it happens though, and you can’t ‘sync’ or ‘put a wire into the computer doo hikey thingey’ to get my new show.  This way you could still listen to the show! Just download the Stitcher App from the iTunes or Android App Store. Virtually painless & then you can listen on the go!  Humanity saved, Thank You Stitcher.

Thanks for all the listeners & Twitter interaction, it helps to know someone’s listening.  If you don’t already you can follow us on Twitter @EdWallick & @DontQuitYourDay or if your not ‘down with that’ it’s no problem!

Send us an e-mail with comments & suggestions or just your general daily bitching! If it amuses me & I want to comment I’ll use it on the air! Send E-mail to:




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