Ep.16 ‘The Smartest Guy You Know’

I know I’ve been off a month, but hey you don’t pay me.

We’ve got some questions and answers for you this week from ‘The Smartest Guy You Know’ with live questions from an ‘in studio’ guest.  I’m considering making this a recurring segment on occasion so let me know what you think with e-mail here (EdWallick@DontQuitYourDaycast.com) or on Twitter with the hashtag #TheSmartestGuyYouKnow

This weeks Asshat of the Week is a real winner named Richard Vu Nguyen, lets all pray via our own farcical deity that he is getting as much attention as Jerry Sandusky during his incarceration.  Also this week’s segment includes a new & improved much enhanced bumper from Tommy Royal of ‘The Royal and Doodall Show‘ fame!  I think you’ll enjoy it.

Then a little free talk time about summer plans and such followed by the ever present Compliment Sandwiches!  Could you be named there?  Who knows, if you contact me & interact there is a chance!

Thanks for your patience & that ONE guy out there that actually tweeted me & said “Hey when’s the new show coming?” you wonderful, wonderful man.



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  1. Ha Ha good work!! really dug this episode! For a first time listener i’m definitely interested in checking out your previous episodes!

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