Ep.18 ‘Age Sensitive Cosmic Rays’

These are the notes for the show I produce each week which no one really seems to read.

If your still paying attention at this point I’d like to know about it just send me a note on Twitter @DontQuitYourDay or @EdWallick & mention your an agent for the USOOTCOTC but I truly doubt that will happen because as previously stated, no one reads this crap.  However, I go on duty bound & thoughtlessly just typing out random thoughts as they pop into my head hoping for some type of pay off which will obviously never come.

Thoughts on a Free Play Life, Cosmic Rays and Aging, This Week In Memes, Voight Kompff Tests, Asshat of the Week, British bankers, proposed US Government agency enforcement strategy changes & as always Compliment Sandwiches.

#Dream Funny



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