Ep.19 ‘Divergent Reality-CaseFile 1′

Back for Ep.19!

Thanks to two of you I now know that approximately 0.025% of listeners read the show notes!  Your participation to this statistically non-orgasmic study & it’s resultant data will be in no way compensated other than by your personal satisfaction as you read THIS shows show notes whilst you take a dump. Remember to wipe & don’t touch the phone again until after you wash your hands. Thank you guys.

This show’s title comes from a phenomenon that is common to me.  In that I’ve had several friends over the years with whom I share eerily similar experiences which are separated by only time, space & individual choices in mood enhancers.

The show includes:

A new bit called #FlixPic that we can all play along with at home provided you have a NetFlix account & the ability to stream content.  Join in, I have weird & funny tastes I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

#AsshatOfTheWeek could it be you?

#Compliment Sandwiches

See you next week & thanks for listening.




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