Ep.20 ‘Royal & Doodall Day 2012 Aftermath Show’

Great week this week. I’ve participated in 2 long long session recordings 1 for my show, of which you’ll hear the first section I’ve decided to pass along to you this week.  It’s really the first time I’ve brought other talent into my world here other than my wife & kid so I really hope you enjoy it.

We’ve got: #AsshatOfTheWeek off the bat and then also somewhere in there after we start talking to guests Travis Clark (@thatguytravis) from Tiny Odd Conversations Podcast (@TOCpod) and Angus Doodall (@angusdoodall) of The Royal & Doodall Show (@Royal_n_Doodall) we’ve got a new #FlixPic for this weeks show as well.

It’s a rambler but a fun one! We all hope you enjoy it & most importantly that it does it’s job, which is to distract you from your boredom in that cube, in the car, at the nuclear testing facility… actually you better pay attention guy at the nuclear testing place. Thanks.



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