Ep.21 ‘Pope Against The Machine’

This weeks show is an edited continuation of a group improv session I did last week with @AngusDoodall of The Royal & Doodall Show and @ThatGuyTravis from Tiny Odd Conversations Podcast, who is actually literally stealing my compliments now (really I have audio proof here)!

First off let me just say, WOW. I really enjoy doing these types of shows but editing is not a part of the ‘art’ of self production that I relish, most likely because I’m an OCD afflicted perfectionist. Still, believe me it’s not perfect but it is a really funny show.

Just a couple more quick notes: This weeks #FlixPic is ‘Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins’ & as with all of the FlixPic’s it is available via NetFlix Streaming. I haven’t gotten any feedback on the last two yet but it’s a new concept, remember you can comment on these movies via e-mail (EdWallick at DontQuitYourDaycast.com) or on Twitter @EdWallick or @DontQuitYourDay. If you send in something we find amusing I’ll read it on the show.

Sorry there’s no #AsshatOfTheWeek this week but it’s already going to be the first thing off the bat in Ep.22 and let me tell you it’s a good one.

Sit back & enjoy the show, we’re covering a lot of ground this week in 30 minutes.




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