Ep.22 ‘Jessie Ventura Interviews Jessie Ventura & Grandpa’s Rape Kit’

We’re back again! Here we go with Ep. 22 which will be the end of the big clip shows, for those of you who have been concerned. Though I made sure to save the clips with me stepping all over everyone else’s stories the most for last. So if you’ve missed me, then this show definitely has more of me, even though I’ve lost weight since recording it so technically there is less mass to me. We clear there?

First thing are some #ComplimentSandwiches then we jump right to #AsshatOfTheWeek for those of you who missed it from the last show. Then more of my stories with a few brief side trips into guest Travis Clark @thatguytravis from ‘Tiny Odd Conversations Podcast’ thoughts as well as some mumbling by Angus Doodall @AngusDoodall of ‘The Royal & Doodall Show’ who for some reason, most likely incredible jealousy being as I’m such an attractive male specimen in addition to being a comedic genius, keeps holding back all the best clips from the ‘Royal & Doodall Day’ call in show with myself. You should all really protest & let them know of your displeasure via Twitter @Royal_n_Doodall.

Please excuse the changes in audio levels a couple times during this show. I actually had to pull a long segment with a good bit I liked off the video feed of this show which is on Ed Wallick’s YouTube Channel in its entirety (1:35:01 so go for it if you’re feeling up to it killer)! The group taping was fun & I’ll be using it again but the clips culled from those improv session will not be dominating future shows as they have the last 3. I did enjoy the live video broadcast through Google+ aspect of it & then the video being saved & uploaded to my YouTube Channel.  So go ahead & add me to a O in Google+ (Ed Wallick) & you’ll be able to watch when we do those tapings if you like. I’d also like to bring in some listener participation via the Google+ Hangouts so that would be another reason if you’d like to be able to ask your future #HeyEd questions to the host yourself as opposed to sending them in via Twitter.

So those are my thoughts for the future of the show. We’ll be back to our segment format next week and you’ll be seeing some of these short improv segments on occasion & hopefully some actual listeners like yourself (possibly even you) crazy right?

I really just want to make you guys happy out there while you get through your day! I used to listen to these shows in my cube or at various IT gigs & they really helped that 8, 12 or even 16 hour shift fly by with the feeling that I’d been listening to a friend joking in my ear all day.




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