Ep.23 ‘The Gauntlet’

Great week folks! Hope you’re all doing well too! It’s been a fun week, I did a guest spot on a new podcast called Destination Asphyxiation which is hosted by Tom Bevis who you may know from Twitter as @BarrelhouseRed. He doesn’t have his show up on iTunes yet but you can listen to it on Soundcloud via this linked phrase that is different colors and all long! It was a lot of fun & then his show came out! Man what a great first show! I have literally and in all seriousness never heard as good a first show put out by a one man independent podcast crew ever. My instinct here is to make a joke & say my first show was better but honestly out of respect I can’t do that his show is really that great. I’m really looking forward to more from this guy & I hope you’ll all jump on board quick because you’re going to want to see where that goes!

That being said back to me & Don’t Quit Your Daycast! Not only are we back to our regular release day on Tuesday this week after all the Royal & Doodall craziness but we’ve also stepped up our game! I told you there were some changes coming so this show is the beginning of the upgraded Version 2.0, that’s right massive upgrades! Listening to that first Ep from my friend definitely showed me the gauntlet had been thrown upon or at least very nearly at my feet! So here it is gauntlet returned in your general direction my friends, enjoy the show!

This week we’ve got: a new Celebrity Promo, some talk about something weird that happened to me on Twitter, this weeks Flix Pix, a new Asshat of the Week and Extra Special Compliment Sandwiches.




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